"My passion for food is fueled by my love for family."


Cooking is not only in my DNA it’s embedded in my soul.  MY SOUL.  I grew up watching my Grandma display her love for us by creating magic in the kitchen.  When I met my husband I recognized the same expression of love through food within his family dynamic.  That showmanship of love is what I thrive on today.  It propelled me to pursue my passion in food and continues to push me today as a Chef and Restauranteur.  Even though I was not able to attend culinary school or have the opportunity to work along side an established Chef, I was determined enough to master my passion by immersing myself in all things food.  I watched countless cooking shows, read many cook books and bugged my Grandma, Mother and my In-Laws to teach me everything they knew.  I even found myself one day in my husband’s Cuban aunts kitchen in Miami surrounded by 3 petite older ladies trying their best to communicate step by step recipe instructions to me the best they could.  At the time I spoke no Spanish, and they spoke no English so you can only imagine the scene.  However out of all of that I was finally able to say I was self taught and proudly displayed my new cooking chops. 

To this very day, with two restaurants under my belt,  I always remain humble in my beginnings and stay true to my home kitchen roots. 


Family Food and Booze embodies my culinary journey.  With out my family and friends, good food and even better drinks I would not be where I am today.  Sitting around the dinner table or sharing stories while indulging in a good meal is what unites us all. Food transcends language and when it’s prepared with love it leaves a lasting memory in the minds and souls of the ones you love the most. 


Now... pour yourself a drink and let’s start cooking!

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Good food, great drinks and family is all that matters. 

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Blog Post by Jamie Alvarez

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